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Hedeskov Living Lab

The renovation of the Center is unique as the building is both cultural-historical and worthy of preservation. The project represents a renovation process that accommodates 4 different forms of use: office, residency, event space and private residence.  Hedeskov has, together with architects Djernes & Bell and BUILD at Aalborg University, developed methods that allow for live testing of local, bio-based materials in a renovation context. The testing involves indoor climate and hydroscopic measurements as well as anthropological studies.


In 2022 Local Works Studio performed a landscape audit on Hedeskov’s land. They analyzed the area and exemplified material designs based on available and suitable bio- and geomaterials. These material designs will be implemented and tested in the living lab.


Hedeskov Living Lab will contribute with data and knowledge that allow the industry to take valuable steps in the right direction towards decarbonization of construction and renovation.

Clay workshop, October 2023

Sample - clay floor

Samples - clayplaster