Hedeskov Center for Life Science is a Danish knowledge and research center conducting and entering sustainable projects in cooperation with businesses, organisations and educational institutions. Located on the “nose” of Denmark, the peninsula of Djursland in Jutland, Hedeskov is where all HCLS activities start – in the beautiful landscape of the organisation’s own 180 hectares of forests, marshlands and meadows. Projects will be managed in respectful interaction between humans and the natural world, to the benefit of biodiversity.

Based on medical experience and recognized international research, HCLS will add a new health discipline to its vision, in the near future, with the aim of putting green transition in relation to health. We see a significant link between greenhouse gas emissions and general (public) health. The ambition is to establish a laboratory at the Center, where we, in collaboration with external researchers and health professionals, contribute to an increased focus and with that an improved health of the population. 

In parallel with HCLS’s professional activities, the Center is also open to anyone seeking knowledge and inspiration about a greener lifestyle. We want to inspire you through talks/lectures, nature walks, art and music in a sustainable setting. In the near future, we will offer researchers, artists and other creative professionals with a green heart shorter stays in our renovated studio apartment with associated work facilities.


Our ambitions are high – and we start out by the sustainable renovation of the old Hedeskov School, which will become the HCLS head office. Over the coming year, you will be able to follow our comprehensive, sustainable renovation journey towards the physical manifestation of Hedeskov Center for Life Science on this website.