We are in the midst of a climate, environmental and biodiversity crises; and regenerative agriculture is part of the answer to these crises.


In Hedeskov we steward 180 ha land (52%) and forestry (48%). For many years, our approach has been, and still is, to cultivate without either chemical or mechanical disturbance. If the land is cultivated on nature’s own terms, we can rebuild soil organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity; this will ultimately increase CO2 absorption from the atmosphere.

We leave ample space for nature and biodiversity, which means that the amount of land cultivated is minimal.

In Hedeskov 40 ha are cultivated in organic rotation and 25 ha are meadows with permanent grass. An area of ​​1 ha is planted with chestnut trees. The remaining part of the land consists of bogs, lakes, and grasslands.




We work to make the regenerative principles operational and scalable