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Sandmosegaard – Plant-based food

In direct proximity to the Center, Sandmosegaard is situated; an old farm building that will be restored in 2024, and where we will produce plant-based food.

In the spring of 2024, we will re-establish a polytunnel from a former/decommissioned horticulture.

To extend the growing season, we are planning to build a net-zero energy pre-germination house using the ground to air heat transfer (GAHT) principles.


In near future it is our intension to establish a small forest garden in the nearby forest. A forest that will also offer great potential for forest-raised pigs.

SoilValues x Hedeskov

In relation to the establishment of the farm, Hedeskov has become part of the EU project SoilValues. A project that examines the economic perspective for farmers who work with soil-friendly agricultural practices in several European countries.

One of the challenges working with regenerative agriculture is the economic perspective. Currently, it is not financially viable for farmers to choose regenerative farming over traditional farming. This is a huge problem in a world where traditional farming is one of the biggest climate culprits. This needs to change, which is one of the reasons why we are establishing a farm producing vegetables and crops using regenerative principles. While doing so, we will be assessing different ways on how to create a business model, which makes it profitable for a farmer to change cultivation methods.


In near future we will be recruiting farmers to help establish and steward the farm.